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Dwarves are united in their vision to make everything into a perfect shape, which in their eyes, is a well-polished cube. They will continuously hammer away on rocks, mountains, and foes until their grand vision is complete.
Forgers of the sturdiest armor and heaviest weapons, Dwarven armies consist of unflinching soldiers and devastating artillery.
Strong and Enduring
Key Features
Unite in a realm with players from all over the world and lead it into the war over territorial control and powerful Orbs.
Choose and command mighty warlords and fill their army with your unique setup of troops, to protect your Realm from dangerous intruders, both on the surface and below.
Discover the lands of Arkheim, its riches and its secrets. Raise an army of Fallen soldiers, harvest the power of the three moons and ascend with your Realm into Eternal Light.
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Explore and conquer the world of Arkheim. All worlds will die in the end but your glory will shine forever!
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